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its may WOW - MoonlightEnvy

May. 1st, 2007

12:40 am - its may WOW

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I can't believe it is MAY. Holy shit, where did April go?

I am working on my English paper, as well as reading a book for my History exam tomorrow. The paper is due on Thursday. Probably not such a good idea to wait so long to get this stuff done, but the end of the semester comes by so fast. At least I have a completely class free Wednesday and Wednesday night (if I have to) to finish my final paper. I hit 5 and a half pages about a half an hour ago, but I really have to finish that book.

Today was the last day of MWF classes, and tomorrow is the last day of TR classes. WOW again. I am not really excited for the year being over, although I am excited for the nice weather of summer. I am really liking school right now, more so than ever before. I feel that I have finally adjusted to the lifestyle and become more comfortable of somewhat being on my own.

Once I get this final paper done, the rest of my finals shouldnt be too bad. I am worried about American Politics though. As long as I get 135/200 on my Philosophy final I will have an A. Biology I should be getting a B. The same with History. I hope summer school is easy!

Knut is such a cutie!!!

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