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DONE - MoonlightEnvy

May. 9th, 2007

04:33 pm - DONE

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I took my last final, and now I am back in my room, hanging out for the last time. Its kind of sad, like I can't believe the year went by so damn fast!!! And to think that I almost didn't stay here!!! So I am just waiting for my mom to get here to get about half of my stuff, then waiting around some more to help get the big stuff out. I am gonna go look for a cart soon, cause it completely NUTS here!!! So many cars, I am hoping that it clears out by the time my mom gets here.

Shit, and I still have to go to the Co-op and sell my books and buy that book I need for Public Policy. I'll probably end up either getting it today, or tomorrow.

WOW its 82 degrees here, thats INSANE!!!!!! I wish it was like 70 or something so at least it would be cooler to get all my crap outta here.

I'm gonna go look for a cart or something, then move out. :(


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